Diet plan


Today is the first day of a new chapter in your life!

Welcome to DIETFREE - you have decided to change your life, and you expect much more. Congratulations! We are happy that you have high standards and want the best for you; the coming months will bring you a lot of joy, and the changes you implement will improve not only the appearance of your body but also your well-being.

What is the DIETFREE plan?

DIETFREE is an intuitive and straightforward plan that will allow you to effectively lose unnecessary kilograms and develop new eating habits. What you learn will accompany you for the next years of your life and positively impact the people around you. The secret of DIET FREE is a three-month probiotic cycle that will rebuild the intestinal microflora.

This organ is essential to our body. Intestines are a veritable rainforest of the body - even a slight disturbance in the balance of the ecosystem can cause unpleasant effects on the well-being, such as improper absorption of nutrients, overweight and even obesity. DIET FREE rebuilds the natural microflora, allowing the intestinal environment to regenerate and helping the body get the best from food.

Trust science, not magic and quick solutions

Years of research in high-class centres under qualified nutrition specialists and clinical nutritionists have allowed S`ouvre Labs to develop some dietary supplements that cannot be obtained in a regular pharmacy or store. Only the intricate, specific knowledge and awareness of your body, gained while working on yourself, will allow you to use our scientific achievements wisely. The food products you will use at DIETFREE, and the supplementation you take will provide you with all the ingredients necessary for your bodys proper functioning

Dietary supplements assigned to individual months of DIETFREE have been created especially for its needs. Their compositions have been created to help you achieve your goal and meet the body`s needs during the weight loss process.

Kluczowe jednak dla całej podróży z DIET FREE jest trio determinacji, sumienności i równowagi.


because you really must
want to reach the desired goal..


because you cannot ignore the rules of nutrition
and the use of dedicated supplementation.


because after each effort, the body needs relaxation
and time to regenerate.
Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint.

Remember that quick solutions are not permanent, and permanent solutions are not fast. The DIET FREE plan created by Souvre Labs is not a magic wave of the wand, after which the kilograms will disappear by themselves.

DIET FREE is the lifestyle you deserve.

“Losing weight is not the key to happiness. Happiness is a prerequisite for losing weight - and you will achieve it by being aware of what the unhappy body cries out for. "

No matter how promisinng any weight loss programs ont the market are, they all indicate that you are not good enough. You have to change, and you cannot accept your current appearance.

At Souvre Labs, we say "no" to this approach.

You have chosen us. You are asking us for our support in one of the most significant projects of your life - the CHANGE!

So, if you chose / out the way for the ambitious, it is time for mutual honesty. Starting DIET FREE involves introducing far-reaching but straightforward changes to the way we eat and think about the food. The process of losing weight requires making smart decisions, eliminating highly processed food, and restricting certain food groups.

During DIET FREE we will also remind you to remember to properly hydrate your body. You will find all the detailed information on how to eat after registering on the site. Use this code to log in to our website.

Remember that the more closely you follow the tips we have prepared for you, the better your results will be. We want you to feel good, look good and enjoy the changes you make in your life every day.

What happiness means to you?
You will set this goal yourself.
We will be cheering for you until the end of the marathon!

Some important information!

Remember that DIET FREE is supported by dietary supplementation, which was created in cooperation with clinical nutritionists. The DIET FREE plan does not replace a dietary consultation and does not consider the nutritional needs of people who require specialist nutrition, controlled by doctors.

Due to the safety of users, we inform you that DIET FREE is not suitable for people:

  • under 18 years of age,

  • pregnant and breastfeeding

  • who are allergic to any of the ingredients of dietary supplements,

  • prone to food allergies,

  • suffering from celiac disease,

  • who are struggling with neoplastic illness or who have completed therapy within the last 12 months

  • during the perioperative recovery,

  • who have gastrointestinal infections and inflammations.

In a situation where you have a chronic illness or take complex pharmacotherapy, consult your participation in DIET FREE with your attending physician to exclude any possible undesirable interactions between dietary supplements and medications.

The compositions of the Souvre Labs dietary supplements included in DIET FREE can be found on the website:

If necessary, you can also consult the specialists cooperating with us who will be happy to answer your questions: